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Typical survey analysis services

Analysis only package

An organization sends details of a questionnaire.

Data entry is handled by its in-house or contracted clerical staff, for which I design a spreadsheet validated for their input.

After receiving the results, I write an interim report some days in. If this suits the commissioners, more in-depth analysis is conducted, followed by the final report.

Reports are written to fit the context of the survey, using clear charts and plain English. Statistical niceties are only included where they make sense.

As well as the report, you receive additional files with the collated raw data and summary data with related charts.

Full survey service

In collaboration with expert consultants within your field, your organization's requirements are ascertained, and the entire process is managed, including questionnaire design, statistical and qualitative analysis and a written report.

Bespoke services

In general, most organizations have specific requirements that fit somewhere in between the above, or require additional services. I do not charge extra for 'unusual'; my fees are based on the amount of time that is likely to be taken, the level of expertise involved and actual operating costs.

Other services

  • Interviews - in person, by telephone, by email
  • Focus groups - chairing, observing
  • Miscellaneous research tasks - questionnaire design, statistics, organizational health checks
  • Information technology - software evaluation
  • Other tasks considered on request
  • Students: please stop contacting me about your assignments - it's unethical

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