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Do you charge for reading manuscripts?

How long should my synopsis be?
Brevity and care are the watchwords. Include details of the main characters.

Will you give me detailed feedback?
Regrettably not. If you are finding it difficult to find an agent for your book, keep trying: this is a very subjective business and some great writers have had many rejections. On the other hand, after a while you may wish to receive professional advice. Fee-paying services include:
- Blue Pencil Consulting
- Cornerstones
- The Word Association

What does an agent do?
See the rather useful blog from The Writers and Artists Yearbook. The website as a whole contains a lot of useful information for writers.

What commission do you charge?
For sales to publishers in the English-speaking world, 15%. For other countries, also film and television rights, 20%.

Can we have contact before I submit my manuscript?
No, but I would be very happy to meet with you if I like what you have written.

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